"The best way to predict the future is to invent it."

Theodore Hook


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CONPLAN: United States Government Interagency Domestic Terrorism: Concept of Operations Plan" January, 2001

FBI Counterterrorism/Weapons of Mass Destruction Training Links

FBI: Terrorism in the United States

Office for Domestic Preparedness (ODP)

U. S. Department of State: Patterns of Global Terrorism

Woodward, John D. Jr. (2001) "Super Bowl Surveillance: Facing Up to Biometrics" RAND Corporation

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Asymmetric conflict

Non-state actors and their significance

Small Wars Journal

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Central Intelligence Agency: Global Trends 2015: A Dialogue About the Future with Nongovernment Experts

Beckley, Alan "Human Rights and Policing in Poland" Spring, 2001

Levin, Bernard H "The Data Mine: Religion" March, 2000

Levin, Bernard H. "The Data Mine: Trends in Education and Where They Are Leading" Fall, 1999

Levin, Bernard H. "The Data Mine: Unwanted Children and Community Policing" June, 2000

"Lying, Cheating, Stealing with Computers-Who You Gonna Call?" Fall, 1999

Pettinari, Dave "Cyberstalking: Prevention & Investigation" Spring, 2001

Pettinari, Dave "From the President--- Preparing to Investigate Hackers" March, 2000

Pettinari, Dave "Y not Y2K?: Is Law Enforcement Prepared for the Millennium?" Fall, 1999

PFI "Think Tankers" "A Peacekeeping Attitude" June, 2000

Stephens, Gene "From the Ivory Tower: Caroline Nicholl-A Force of Nature" June, 2000

Stephens, Gene "From the Ivory Tower: 'Get Tough' or 'Get Smart': Which Way in New Administration?" Spring, 2001

Stephens, Gene "From the Ivory Tower: Thinking About 21st Century 'Protecting and Serving" March, 2000

Tafoya, William "From the Founder-'Lost Sheep'" March, 2000

"Visioning 21st Century Crime & Justice" Fall, 1999